Vertical sliders - sash and case windows in edinburgh. Supplied and fitted to the highest standards in Scotland. Double Glazing
Side opening casement windows in ediburgh supplied and fitted. Scottish double glazing. A-rated windows
Tilt and turn windows in edinburgh. Supplied and fitted. Scottish double glazing. A rated windows

Professional Window fitting service in Edinburgh

With over 20 years of experience we’re confident that we can offer high quality window fitting service. We’re not salesmen – we’re tradesmen. We will advise you of the optimum style and types of the windows for your property as well as provide with all necessary information about the specifications and hardware.

Casement Windows

Unlimited options for personalisation Casement Windows are the most popular window style across the UK. It opens outwards and offers clear view from inside of your house, good value for money and bespoke customisation options. On addition to that, casement windows are easy to maintain and clean, especially with our easy-clean hinges option installed.

Fortress Windows supplies and fits all types of casement windows. All our windows are fully compliant with all the latest Building Regulations, and meet all the latest product testing standards

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer simplicity and versatility – providing the option of the window tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards. This flexibility provides you with secure ventilation and ease of cleaning from within your home, along with making Tilt and turn windows the ideal solution where there is restricted space outside making outward opening a hazard and providing an effective fire escape.

Fortress WIndows supplies and fits tilt & turn windows. All our windows are fully compliant with all the latest Building Regulations, and meet all the latest product testing standards. A rated as standard.

Sash & Case Windows

The Sash and Case Vertical Slider Window is the most traditional window style within the UK. It combines Georgian style and aesthetics, while providing the newest 21st century technology security and heat efficiency solutions.

Sash and Case windows are operated on a vertical slider, opening by a sliding motion from bottom to the top or from top to the bottom. Fortress Home can provide Sash and Case windows with an easy clean system option.

Undoubtedly the premium window in our range, the Sash and Case will lend its elegance to any modern or traditional building.

Fortress Home supplies and fits casement & sash windows. All our windows are fully compliant with all the latest Building Regulations, and meet all the latest product testing standards

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves adding an extra slim-line window in addition to your existing windows.

It is virtually maintenance free and will give many years of trouble free service. Secondary glazing comes in many styles and colours to match your existing windows and blend in with your property. Curtains and blinds remain unaffected most of the time. This solution is perfect for listed or conservation properties, where altering existing windows is not available.

Unbeatable double glazing security

When we started the company our main concept was to provide ultimate security options to our customers. All our windows are coming with state of art locking systems. Every casement window we supply and fit come with a shoot bolt and dog bolt locking mechanism which will prevent anyone from unauthorised access to your property

High spec window, affordable price

Every window supplied and fitted by Fortress Home comes A rated as standard. Our window frames are manufactured using high spec PVC/ALU/Wood, which is biodegradable and eco friendly. Every frame is fully reinforced with galvanised steel.

Each double glazed unit installed within our windows comes with a low emmisivity coating, which is an energy efficient barrier on your windows. Each unit is filled with argon gas for optimum energy efficiency.

10 year peace-of-mind guarantee

Every window supplied and fitted by Fortress Home is guaranteed for a period of 10 years against any manufacturing fault and installation itself.

All types of work undertaken

We specialise in PVC-u windows. We can supply and fit casement, tilt&turn and fully reversible windows. Our area of expertise include wooden and aluminium products as well. Over the time we have worked on small domestic projects as well as complicated, big commercial contracts.