External Roller Shutter Blinds

Roller Shutter Blinds In Edinburgh

Our recent introduction to the market, roller shutter blinds or security blinds are a fantastic addition to any property. The blinds not only look good being installed on the elevation of your house but also improve thermal qualities of a building. The biggest benefit however is a fact that these blinds provide an extra layer of security – once shut they are virtually impenetrable!

Ultimate Security

Roller shutter blinds are available in two option – from 6mm extruded aluminium system (anti-theft certified) or PVC Foam insulated aluminum. Both system offer fantastic thermo qualities. Once the blind is shut two shoot bolts are being released to either side preventing the blind from being forcefully open.

Quick and hassle free installation

A typical blind set can be installed in under an hour. Once installed all blinds need to be connected to the power source and programmed to work with your remote. A typical household full house installation should not take more than 1 working day. Installation is very clean and non invasive.

Easy to use

Our security shutters are extremaly easy to use. Once they have been installed they combine the engine power located inside the box to roll and unroll the blind. The blinds are controlled manually using a remote or can be programmed to work automatically based on the time of the day.